News from the building and construction industry of interest to New Zealand property owners.

The Government is promising to build 34,000 homes in Auckland over 10 years.  Of that, 13,500 will be social housing and 20,600 will be sold on the open market, some priced at "affordable" levels.

Only 7200 new residences were built in Auckland last year, barely half the number needed and only slightly up on the last two years, an expert says.

New Zealand residential building consents dipped in March after a strong rise in February.

New figures show Auckland is building fewer than half of the new homes it needs to meet demand.

The new council data shows that while 10,000 consents were issued in 2016, only 7200 homes were completed.

The construction industry is being warned that the boom might peak this year, despite the huge need for housing and infrastructure projects on the horizon.

Forsyth Barr analyst Matthew Henry is warning of a slowdown in residential building over the next 12 to 18 months and a flattening out of non-residential work, albeit from buoyant levels.

Statistics New Zealand said almost 10,000 consents were issued for Auckland in 2016 - up 7 percent on 2015 - despite a small decline in the rate towards the end of the year.

But that figure means nothing if the pieces of paper can't be turned into bricks and mortar.

Auckland Council is promising to fast track more building inspections after long delays last year as it struggled to cope with the construction boom.

The council carried out a record 148,000 inspections last year and is expecting similar levels this year.